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Dear Parents,

We would like to offer our individual nursing service to you. We will look after your child in the evening, during night, during weekends or during public holidays. We did prepare special child’s room, which better simulate home atmosphere in order to feel relaxed for your child. It consists of all necessary equipment and toys that child would expect. After play time in our gym, or in the garden, your child will be settled within the sleeping room by our nursing staff, where child will be safe and cosy.

In case that you would be interested for nursing within your home, after discussion and agreement with nurse or teacher, we will try our best to satisfy your request. In cases such as child sickness, social, working or other duties, our experienced nurses and teachers can guarantee safety and optimal care of your child.

The cost of such service is based individually, depending on your needs. In case of any interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.    


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