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We would like to introduce our teaching staff and nurses who will look after your children.


We do realise, that short text and photo do not reflect the real capabilities and personality of human. That is why we are inviting you warmly to visit us,  when you can get to know us personally.

Klaudia Lenártová

class teacher of the older group

She succesfully graduated from the pre-school and elementary education at the Pedagogical Faculty of Prešovská University in Prešov. She worked several years as a teacher in private pre-school facilities. She repeatedly participated in workshops aimed at creativity of teaching for kindergarten and nursery teachers. She has also completed specielized English courses, therefore she speaks with children in Slovak, English and Hungarian.

Júlia works mostly with our older children. She implements elements of Montessori learning to our educational plan, which focuses primarily on the development of creativity, imagination and motor skills in a playful way. 

Simona Takácsová

After graduating from the High school of St.Nicholas in Stará Ľubovňa she successfully obtained a master´s degree in special education and education for mentally disabled at the Catholic University in Ružomberok. After that she achieved practice by working in public pre-school facilities. She also worked in the Crisis center in Stará Ľubovňa. Thanks to her repeated residences in the United Kingdom she is capable of teaching in English language.

Lucia primarily focuses on younger children and regulerly performs creative activities with kids. She has attended several professional seminars focused on educational creativity of kindergarten teachers. She likes to recite rhymes with children both in Slovak and English. She is the author of our new educational plan, which uses project-based teaching, autorective devices, elements of Montessori learning, digital technologies such as interactive blackboard, and new educational program ISCED 0.  

Veronika Zorská
class teacher of the younger group

Veronika graduated from Pedagogical Social Academy in Prešov and subsequently at the Pedagogical Faculty of the Prešov University in Prešov in Pre-school and Elementary Pedagogy, and later in Primary Education Pedagogy. She has gained valuable experience in several positions in pre-school facilities and working with children.
She focuses on developing their personalities from a socio-emotional point of view, using educational activities appropriate to their age and individual personality. She teaches children basics of trust, cooperation and empathy to promote their comprehensive development through interactive and experiential methods.

Nikola Lanková


Zuzana Pocklanová


Eva Bejdová
speech therapist

A graduate of High Veterinary School in Barca. After appropriate retraining she has been focusing on professional care of the smallest babies for several years. She introduces to children the love to nature and animals and encourage even the smallest babies to creative activities. In this manner she helps the teachers to deliver an optimal background for proper psychomotoric development and creativity of your kids.

Zuzana Timová

Zuzana is a student of the Facuty of Arts of University of P. J. šafárik in Košice, where she studies Slovak language and literature. During her repeated summer jobs in the UK she acquired not only language skills but also experience with care of small tots. Zuzka enjoys participation in the preparation of creative activities for our little children that develop not only their imagination but also their fine motor skills.



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